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Gallery equine history

Gallery Equine Donna

Gallery equine, the home of Show Stoppers Equestrian Wear, is a grass roots, family owned business located in Sydney, Australia. We are in our 13th successful year and are quickly becoming one of Australia's leading specialists in riding apparel. We have a small group of dedicated and passionate team members, lead by the owner and woman-of-all-trades, Donna Taff. Donna has been a horse enthusiast since she can remember. From a past competitor to a successful breeder, she has always been heavily involved in the horse industry. Since beginning her Sydney based company in 2003, she has expanded her sales both nationally and internationally, she has co-designed a show horse app and has sponsored numerous riders and events. Donna is not only the owner of this company, she is the sole designer of the Show Stoppers fashion line and customers' go-to style consultant. Donna is known for her hands-on approach to business, her generosity to her customers and friends and her unfaltering love for her company and clients. To say that Donna does it all would be an understatement. In 2016, we are looking forward to catering to Ladies, Men and Children of all disciplines ranging from Pony Club, Royals and Grand National to create unique and standout looks for today's show ring.

Meet the Gallery equine family

Gallery equine team

Like any loving family, we have our quirks. But mostly, we just like to have fun, laugh a lot and make sure our customers are looking their best.

                     Gary (Gaz)
Gallery Equine Gaz

You can't have beauty without brawn and you can't have Donna without Gary! Gary is our fixer of all things broken, our setup and take down team and most of all, our moral support. Gary likes to stay behind the scenes but we could not do any of our shows without him. We are thankful everyday that he puts with this crazy Gallery Equine family and helps keep things running smoothly. We love you, Gaz! 



Gallery Equine WayneWayne is our trade stand visionary and our fashion advisor. His creativity and eye for fashion never cease to amaze us and we love that he’s always keeping a smile on his customer’s faces. Wayne's been involved with the horse industry for over 35 years. He first started out in the eventing world but quickly transitioned to becoming a competitive rider and handler in the show ring. Wayne has also been judging hacks, galloways, ponies and hunters throughout his time in the horse industry. His dream has always been to judge at the Sydney Royal Easter show and this year his dream finally came true! Wayne had the honour and privilege of judging his favourite horses, the palominos and made sure to look amazing on his big day in his custom-made Show Stoppers suit (see picture). Congratulations Wayne! You are a true Show Stopper.


Gallery Equine Julie 

Julie has been a member of the family since almost the very beginning. We stole her from England and we're never giving her back! Julie is our button expert, sizing model and lover of all things aqua. Julie is a decorated rider and a well-respected judge within the horse riding community, with over 15 years of experience. She has a conservative, English fashion sense, which gives our customers a window into the eyes of their judges. With her advice, you can feel confident riding into the ring in style. Check her out in her Show Stoppers judging outfit (see picture). Expertise and beauty all in one. Thanks for keeping us blinged-up, Julie!






Gallery Equine AnnaAnna is the newest addition to the family, all the way from Canada. Anna is not from an equestrian background but if you see her at a show, just tell her your colours, she'll make sure you look amazing. Anna usually spends her time behind the scenes answering emails, sharing instagram posts and setting up our website. She's always busy go-go-going and organizing things... that's why we call her Go-Anna! Welcome to the family, Anna.

Our Show Stoppers team - Sponsored riders

At Gallery Equine and Show Stoppers, we want to make sure everyone is looking and feeling their best. For that reason, we are the PROUD sponsors of the following riders & events:

Gallery Equine sponsored ridersEmma Adams - NSW
Emmerson Ball - QLD
Lee Halpin Bishop - NSW
Philip Bobic - QLD
Daniella Dierks - NSW
Judy Dierks - NSW
Deborah Ferris, NZ
Caitlin Fricker - SA

Victoria Fricker - SA
Nicole Groom – NSW
Nathan Harvey - QLD
Mark Kiddle - NSW
Brynie Lee - VIC
Ebony Lee - VIC
Tamara Lee - VIC
Matisse Masterson, NZ
Paris Masterson, NZ
Malcom Mcrae - NSW
Maddy Ovington -NSW
Dazi Plumb- VIC
Poppi Plumb- VIC
Indya Povey - NSW
Jess Stalling - NSW
Elizabeth Taylor - NSW
Hunter Taylor - NSW
Joanne Uppington - QLD

Sponsored events

Gallery Equine Grand National Championships
East Coast Championships – East coast cup & Young Saddle Horse Award
Emma’s Show Horse Championships
SHC NSW Horse of the year
Northern NSW Hack Championships 2015
Australian Arabian Championships - Silver spurs & Golden spurs


Contact Information

Donna Taff

Address: 58-64 The Driftway, Londonderry, Aus, 2753

Hours of operation
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